Alchemr is developing scalable, durable and low-cost anion exchange membrane electrolyzers.

Our electrolyzers cost less than 30% of PEM electrolyzers!

The cost of electricity generated by solar photovoltaic and offshore/onshore wind turbines is dropping. Producing clean hydrogen from renewable power through water electrolysis creates an additional revenue stream for power producers, and a low-cost clean hydrogen source for hydrogen consumers. 

why anion exchange membrane electrolysis

Anion exchange membrane electrolyzers combine the best of proton exchange membrane electrolyzers and alkaline electrolyzers

In anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzers, hydroxide ions flow across the membrane instead of hydrogen ions. This fundamental difference allows AEM electrolyzers to operate without the requirement of precious noble metals (unlike PEM), thereby significantly reducing the CAPEX of our system but maintaining high hydrogen production rates unlike commercial alkaline electrolyzers.

Goodbye to dirty hydrogen and >2% of global CO2 emissions.

Hello to Alchemr.

Alchemr will offer the first AEM electrolyzers that scale from 10 kW to > 100 MW.

Alchemr’s Technical Advantages that lead to hydrogen production costs of less than $2/kg

Alchemr's engineering innovation allows for scaling any anion exchange membrane to greater production capacities without sacrificing durability
We are developing 10 kW to > 100 MW AEM electrolyzers. We are working towards a large active area, single stack electrolyzer that can generate more than 600 kg of hydrogen per day.
Alchemr uses low-cost, durable membranes
Our electrolysers can operate for more than 12,000 hours with negligible performance variation
Alchemr has a proprietary method for increasing handleability of anion exchange membranes
Large-scale manufacturability is always at the forefront of our minds.
Alchemr's electrolyzers can respond to variable renewable power inputs
Hook us up to your wind turbine or solar farm to create an additional revenue stream