ALCHEMR converting water to clean hydrogen

The World is Changing.

Solar energy can be cost competitive

Solar photovoltaic farms can produce electricity at costs below that of fossil fuel-fired power plants in some regions

Wind Energy can be cost competitive

On-shore and off-shore wind powered turbines are producing electricity at costs competitive to solar PV in some regions

Alchemr is helping industries adapt to a changing world.

The energy storage problem

POWER-TO-GAS offers a solution to storing intermittent renewable power

we are transforming the chemical industry

With our platform technology, we split water using renewable electricity to form hydrogen, a gas that can fuel various industrial processes. We can also split carbon dioxide into CO and combine it with hydrogen to form syngas

Our Opportunity.

The world is changing. Renewable energy is becoming less expensive than fossil energy in many locations. Yet, the chemical industry is still based largely on fossil energy.  ALCHEMR is changing the way that the chemical industry is powered. We have developed unique technology that will enable fuels and chemicals to be made economically from CO2, water, and renewable energy. We enable our customers to produce clean hydrogen, at about the same cost as hydrogen from natural gas; and thereby capture an increasing share of the $150 billion dollar/yr hydrogen market, while avoiding the CO2 emissions associated with hydrogen production from natural gas. Using the same method, we can also split CO2 to create syngas, thereby creating an immense revenue stream from captured CO2

Our Role in Creating a Cleaner Tomorrow.

Alchemists believed that they could transform things for the better, through chemistry. Today, at ALCHEMR, we also offer the power to transform things for the better -- our breakthrough technology provides a pathway to transform water and/or carbon dioxide using renewable energy into affordable green fuels. Our technology offers a pathway to displace natural gas while reducing greenhouse emissions and reliance on high-carbon fuel. Oil and gas is becoming more difficult to extract from far away fields in the sea and doing so has created environmental concerns across the world. Fortunately, we can produce Hydrogen or syngas from any renewable source right away.

At ALCHEMR, we are committed to offering solutions that empower future generations to make hydrogen and other chemicals renewably.