We are a growing team of engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs ready to disrupt industries with our product.

Meet The Team

Dr. Laureen Meroueh

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Laureen Meroueh earned a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a focus in materials science and hydrogen generation, and a minor in Business & Entrepreneurship. Laureen was previously CEO and co-founder of MetaStorage, a start-up bringing large scale thermal batteries to power plants. Amongst other experiences in the entrepreneurial world, Laureen interned at the VC fund The Engine and was a Sandbox Innovation Fund fellow at MIT.

Dr. Meroueh leads business development at Alchemr, ensuring that Alchemr paves the way to a realized Hydrogen Economy.

Wesley Best

Mechanical Engineer I

Wesley Best acquired his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. Wesley has over 1.5 years assembling, modifying, and designing components for cell electrolyzers. He has designed and integrated fluid and electrical safety systems to ensure peak cell performance as well as lab safety.

Dr. Behrooz Motealleh

Lead Project Engineer

Dr. Behrooz Motealleh earned his Ph.D. at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has 8 years of experience as a polymer chemist and engineer conducting polymer synthesis, characterization, nanofabrication and application of organic/inorganic polymers and ion- containing materials. He has designed polymers for specific electrochemical applications including hydrogen fuel cell through design of experiment methods. 

Dr. Motealleh leads technology development and scale up at Alchemr.

Dr. Reza Mirshekari

Electrode Process Engineer

Dr. Reza Mirshekari earned his Ph.D. in Engineering from Tennessee Technological University. He then joined the University of Connecticut, Center for Clean Energy Engineering, as a postdoctoral research associate. Dr. Mirshekari has over 10 years of experience in materials selection, identification, and characterization for different applications including 5 years of experience in the development of electrochemical energy conversion devices with a focus on design, fabrication, and characterization of catalysts, and membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for fuel cells and electrolyzers. He has been involved as a key personnel in multiple academic and industrial projects. Dr. Mirshekari has also authored a book on solid oxide fuel cells and various scientific papers, published in diverse prominent international journals.
Dr. Mirshekari is responsible for the development of electrode manufacturing processes and MEAs for at-scale production of Alchemr’s electrolyzers.

We are hiring microfluidics engineers, general mechanical engineers, cell stack experts, and those who are passionate about Alchemr's mission. Candidates must thrive in a fast-paced, high energy environment. Submit your information to join Alchemr in making green hydrogen a reality, and receive detailed information on the positions.