ALCHEMR is Electrifying the Chemical Industry

The world is increasingly shifting to the Electrification of everything for good reason. Engines are more efficient. Renewable energy, like solar and wind, continue to set record low prices around the world. This is all happening, while fossil fuels are becoming more expensive, because the resources are constrained, and citizens around are demanding a shift away to minimize the effects of climate change and pollution. Unfortunately, the chemical industry relies heavily on fossil fuels like natural gas and oil to provide the building blocks. Natural gas is converted by steam methane reforming to hydrogen, which is used as an input to everything ranging from ammonia, to steel, to every type of synthetic fuel we plan to put in our cars. As a result, as the cost of fossil fuels increases, all of the materials we use will increase with it.

ALCHEMR is here to change that course. We will take advantage of these converging trends and offer an affordable, environmentally friendly and sustainable way to produce clean hydrogen from our water electrolyzer systems. We will electrify the entire chemical industry. Thanks to the low costs of renewable electricity generation, we can produce carbon-free hydrogen at competitive prices.